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President, Jules Gaddie:  jules@gaddie.co.nz

Secretary, Natanya Da Costa:  office.bnaibrith@gmail.com


Dear Bnai Brith Members and Friends

People in our community need help!

We are mindful that the “go hard” of our government has a good chance of containing the outbreak of the Delta strain of the Corona virus. The downside is the effect that the lockdown will have on the economy. Short term many businesses and employees will again be hard pressed to make ends meet. We again expect that there will be many who will find it very difficult to put food on the table and provide for other basic needs.

We must do something!  What?

Please follow this mitzvah of NA’ASEH VENISHMAH- we will do and we will learn – Exodus 24:7

  1. Advise us of anyone who needs assistance – work, money and emotional.
  2. Help to find jobs, full-time or part-time for anyone who has lost theirs.
  3. Make a donation to the Bnai Brith Hardship Fund
    Bank account 02-0100-0032755-007
    Ref:  Hardship
    All donations are subject to the 33% tax rebate

No matter how large or small, payable weekly, monthly or a lump sum all amounts will go a long way in relieving hardship.  We are looking to raise $15,000 over the next 3 months. We realize that the economic stranglehold has impacted each and every one of us and no doubt many of us are feeling the economic pressure.  You may notice some savings from your weekly coffees, petrol expenses, entertainment and so on, and we ask you to consider donating whatever you can afford to support this community need.

If you are a business owner and may have an employment opportunity please let us know.

The Bnai Brith Council sends warmest wishes and we hope this email finds you all keeping safe and well.
Gemar Chatima Tova. May you be inscribed in the book of life for good.

Yours sincerely
Jules Gaddie

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