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October 9, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
A Jewish Look at Canadian Thanksgiving
By Cantor Aviva Marer and Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg
<Maple leaf on dinner plate

Canadian Thanksgiving, celebrated this year on Monday, October 12, lacks the same national gusto as its American counterpart – and is not typically celebrated by Canada’s Jewish community. Here’s why. Read more »

News & Blog

How a Small Alabama Synagogue Fosters Diversity

“Girls’ Night Out” Brings New Meaning to Shabbat

How a Hebrew Class Turned Its Students into Global Citizens

Meet Jewish Soul Singer Neshama Carlebach

Germany’s Postwar Labyrinth of Lies: A Film Review

Congressmen are Betting Bagels on this Baseball Game – Really!

Take Action
jail cells

Jewish Values and Criminal Justice Reform
This bipartisan criminal justice reform bill – the most significant, comprehensive one in decades – would address the injustice of mass incarceration. Read more »

See also: Urge Your Senator to Support the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act


How to Make Havdalah

How to Make Havdalah

Weekly Torah Portion

B’reishit: How to Read the Bible: Art as a Higher Manifestation of Nature
By Rabbi Edwin C. Goldberg
Is the text of the Bible true? If not, why do we study it? Read more »

Food & Recipes
Mushroom Barley Vegetarian Soup

Mushroom Barley Vegetarian Soup
This healthy fall soup is a take on Ashkenazic recipes popular in the shtetl. Get the recipe »

Ask a Rabbi

What, if anything, can be done with the etrog after Sukkot?

Read the answer »

Ask your own question »

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