A New Reality: video collection

Aug 24, 2013 – 19 Elul 5773 | Adult Education, Community News, Jewish History

The series of lectures presented by our Shaliach, Udi Dvorkin, on Jewish history in the first half of 20th Century.


After clicking the “play” button, click on the right bottom corner to make video full-screen.

#1: Immigration, Assimilation, Revelation and Integration: A people on the move.

#2: Mixed identities – The Jewish people during World War 1 and 2

#3 – First laws and decrees against the Jews: Nuremberg and the Commissar Order. “Everything according to the law, Legalisation of a racial struggle” 1936-1941

#4. The “final solution”- a set plan or an evolution of an idea? Was the Holocaust planned?

#5: Germans, Allies, bystanders and soldiers.
How could it take place? Who is to blame? How does one become an accomplice?

#6 The international arena and the Holocaust: Americans, British, Arabs, Japanese and the free nations – between silent opposition and public support

#7 The Church and the Holocaust: What should be done with the people of the Old Testament? Apathy, anti-Semitism, fear or quiet opposition to Hitler?

#8 The rise of the North American Diaspora – How did it happen? Is it Judaisms or Judaism? 1881-1980

#10 Where should we live? The Uganda plan and the search for a Jewish home. 1903-1948

#11 Religion and state for a people of faith. A home for the Jews or a Jewish state? 1921-1999

12. The War of Independence 1948, the Naqba and aftermath. Consequences of sovereignty… 1948-1949.

13. The 6 day war, UN resolution 242, the Khartoum conference and the settlement movement. Peace agreements. From Egypt to Hebron. “Was it peace or was it a cease fire?”

#14: Demographics of Jews in Modern Israel

#15: Demographic and Socio-economic Trends in the Diaspora at the beginning of the 21st Century: Part #1 America

#16: Demographic and Socio-economic Trends in the Diaspora at the beginning of the 21st Century: Part #2 – Europe and Australasia

#17: Is it the end of Jewish History? The end of the exile, the centre of the Jewish world or another Jewish community?  Israel and the Jewish Diaspora.  1948-2013.

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