Hebrew/Sunday School

Welcome to Beth Shalom Hebrew/Sunday school.

Beth Shalom Progressive Synagogue has a Sunday school every school weekend except school holidays, Jewish Holidays and civil holidays.

It costs $300 for members and $500 for non-members for the year. There is no pro rata option (it is a set price for the year).

Parents are requested to come to the tefillot (services with their children) from 9.30-10am and the classes start at 10am-12.45pm. We have Hebrew class and Jewish studies class with a morning tea (parents are on a roster to set up and clean up) and fun baking or craft activity for  half hour.

We celebrate all the holidays, study torah and Jewish history and our goal is for the children to learn and have fun at the same time. We want to be a warm and accepting Jewish community which will be a great place to develop friendships and feel at home.

Happy to answer any questions: learning@bethshalom.org.nz

Our Hebrew / Sunday school is run entirely with volunteers. Parents and members give their time and energy to make it a special place to learn about Judaism.

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