Israel is in Europe too

The United Kingdom has recently been totally absorbed with the Jun 23rd referendum on whether the UK should Remain or Exit the European Union.  The arguments in favor of the Remain camp appear to hinge on its claim that the UK’s economy would collapse if it terminated its EU membership.  UK citizens should not panic, however, but instead take a closer look at the “Israeli model”.
The modern State of Israel has been an “adopted” member of many European entities for some time – mainly due to the unwillingness of surrounding Arab countries in Asia and Africa to accept the Jewish State into “their” continents.  Israel is not a member of the EU, but the current relationship has many mutual benefits.  Using news articles since the beginning of this year, here are some examples of how the relationship benefits both Israel and Europe.
Trade / Economy / Business
Israel has just joined the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol).  Eurocontrol provides advanced control and navigation aviation services for managing and planning air traffic flows over European airspace to reduce delays in flight times.  In another important European transport project – Fresh Food Corridors (FFC), Israel organized the first ever “reefer” (temperature-controlled containers) block train loaded with Israeli fruit and veg from the Slovenian port of Koper to Rotterdam. It arrived 6 days earlier than ships that currently sail non-stop from Israel to Rotterdam.  And Israel is to connect its power grid to continental Europe via a 1,518 km subsea power cable, known as the EuroAsia InterConnector. It will allow Israel to sell its excess electricity generated from natural gas to anywhere in mainland Europe.

Israel’s hi-tech startups are extremely successful in Europe. Eco Wave Power has just completed the installation in Gibraltar of Europe’s first grid-connected wave-energysystem.  Stratoscale has won a Red Herring Europe 2016 award for its solution that can get you up and running using Cloud services in a few minutes, whatever computer hardware your company currently uses.  Israel’s Pashut Yarok is exporting “shockpads” – plastic foam safety surfaces for children’s playgrounds – to countries in the European Union. Meanwhile, Israel’s Amiad has opened its first UK office, in Swansea – home of Welsh Water, to support increasing demandin the UK and Europe. 
Israeli startups frequently win European competition prizes.  Israel’s Capitalise won one of five Best in Show awards at London’s FinovateEurope2016.  The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read the text of an investor’s investment strategy and convert it into executable market trading instructions.  Staying with in financial arena, European investors are so keen to invest in Israeli companies that International finance giant BlackRock launched an exchange-traded-fund(ETF) that allows them to invest directly in Israel’s top 25 listed companies. 
Europe’s health owes much to Israel’s unique relationship with the continent.  Hardly a week goes by without an Israeli treatment or medical device receiving CE approval.  The latest include LifeSeal, the no-leak sealant solution for patients who have undergone gastrointestinal (GI) surgery.  Another is the neuroADtranscranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and cognitive training from Israel’s Neuronix that is used to treat Alzheimer’s sufferers.
Sometimes Israel’s proximity to Europe makes medical approval easy – which is why Australian, Canadian and US kids travel to Europe (and Israel) for the ApiFixnon-fusion treatment of their Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (twisted spine). 
Israel has just become the first country outside Europe’s geographic borders to be accepted as a full member of the European Federation of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Associations (EFCCA).
Israeli technical expertise really is out of this world.  Israel’s Windwardtracks vessels entering Europe and identifies any that broadcast a fake identity.  Israel has been involved with the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission, from day one.  Israel’s Rafael Industries made the vital hydrazine thrusters for the Schiaparelli landing module, which on 19th Oct will slow the decent of Schiaparelli to just 2 meters above the Mars surface. 
Hagihon – Jerusalem’s water company – has been awarded a key role on the 4-year EU project to improve governance and social awareness of water environmental challenges.  It involves setting up a Digital Social Platform to share details of water scarcity, security, quality and water consumption-related issues.  Israeli startups receive dozens of grants from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.  One such is Electroad, developer of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) that will charge electric buses from the road they are being driven on.  No need for a battery or charging spots. 
Tiny Israel often makes a big splash at European sports events.  Gal Nevo took home the silver medal in the 200-meter individual medley at the European Swimming Championships in London.  Alex Shatilov claimed his sixth career medal (a bronze) at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Bern, Switzerland.    Ron Atias (ranked 80 in the world) won the taekwondo under-58 kg silver medal at the European Championships in Montreux, Switzerland.  Or Sasson and Timna Nelson-Levy won silver and bronze respectively at the European Judo Championships.  But the biggest recent successes were gold, silver and bronze medals for Israel’s rhythmic gymnastics team at the European Championships in Israel. 
Finally, 8,000 Jews from Francedecided on their own EU-Exit last year as Aliya from Western Europehit record levels.  UK Aliya was also up by 25%.  But as Superstar Elton John told 40,000 ecstatic fans at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, there could have been no nicer place for him to open his eight-week European tour. 
Israel – it’s practically holding Europe together!
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Israeli achievements you cannot Pass Over

The Hebrew nation have come a long way since escaping Egyptian slavery.  Today’s oppression comes from those, such as in the BDS movement, who are still in “de-Nile” about this amazing people.  Here are some phenomenal examples from the last two weeks, that I have put into a sequence (Hebrew = “Seder”). They parallel the Biblical events we recall during the forthcoming Jewish festival of Passover.  If you are hosting or attending a Passover Seder this year, you may like to share this article with the other guests.
The Exodus from Egypt was preceded by ten plagues.  Today, Israelis have transformed the very essence of many of these plagues for the benefit of mankind.
The Nile was turned into Blood
A researcher at Israel’s Ariel University, has discovered that Gallium Nitrate can rapidly halt bleeding from deep wounds, without causing dangerous blood clots.  Next, in recent trials, 38% of “no-hope” patients suffering from the blood cancer acute myeloid leukemia went into complete remission after just two cycles of the treatment BL-8040 from Israel’s Bioline Rx.  Then Magen David Adom received its largest ever donation – $25 million – to build a new blood services center in Ramle.  We also heard that surgeons from Israel’s Save A Child’s Heart returned to Tanzania in March to perform more life-saving operations on the blood-pumping hearts of African children.  And finally, whilst Israeli doctors in Haifa were repairing the heart of a wounded Syrian girl, they discovered she had blood cancer.  Israeli secret services then located a relative with matching bone marrow from “an enemy state” and smuggled him into Israel.
The Plague of Boils.
There have been several recent breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of many disfiguring diseases.  First, Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers can now identify the source of fragmented DNA caused by cell death. In tests on 320 patientsthey have identified pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, diabetes, traumatic brain injury and MS.  Then Israel’s Eximo successfully used its laser system and unique catheters to cure 20 patients of peripheral artery disease (PAD) without having to resort to leg amputations.  Meanwhile, esearchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel’s Technion have developed an enhanced micro-emulsion liquid that protects the skin (and other organs) against free radical damage.  Finally, the focused ultrasound brain surgery of Israel’s Insightec has been used for the first time in Israel to cure an Israeli Parkinson’s sufferer of her uncontrollable shaking.
The Plague of Lice
This was the first plague that Egypt’s magicians couldn’t emulate, because lice were just too small.  Size doesn’t matter for today’s Israeli scientists.  Israel’s Tracense has developed nanotech odor technology that can detect explosives, narcotics, stashed cash, banned metals and toxic liquids.  Israel’s Nano Dimension is a leader in the area of minute 3D printed electronics and has just listed on NASDAQ.  Meanwhile, Israel’s XJet has just received a $25 million investment to help fund its unique nanotechnologyto 3D print metal parts without the need for expensive molds or lasers.  Finally, Israeli start-up Phresh has unveiled a non-toxic organic powder, which dissolves into the atmosphere to triple the shelf life of fruit and vegetables    

The Plague of Locusts
One of the recent winners of Grand Challenge Israel was Israeli startup BioFeed, which uses odor to attract insects to poison that eliminates the Zika virus carrier without spraying crops.  Admittedly, the insect Aedes aegypti which carries the virus is a mosquito rather than a locust, but BioFeed’s technology can eradicate many species of insect.
The Plagues of Wild Animals and Pestilence
Israelis today are more concerned with saving wild animals than eradicating them.  Israeli scientists have helped isolate the tilapia lake virus that is killing both wild and farmed tilapia fish – an important global food source and essential for freshwater quality.  Even when building roads, Israel tries to protect its wildlife. It is constructing an eco-bridge over Highway 1 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv so that jackals and hyenas can cross in safety.  And the bond between man and animal could not be closer at the Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding School, in Israel’s Arava desert, where therapists, volunteers and 22 beautiful horses each week give 200 special needs children and adults increased control of muscles whilst helping their emotional development.

The Plague of Hail
In contrast to the destructive power of Biblical hail, Israeli water technology is now sought worldwide.  And no wonder, thanks to the un-mistakable fact that Israel’s wastewater recycling, desalination and conservation allowed it to escape the eastern Mediterranean area’s worst drought in 900 years.  Israel’s agriculture minister Uri Ariel recently opened India Water Week in Delhi, which featured eleven innovative Israeli companies specializing in irrigation, desalination, water purification, measurement and management for municipalities and farms.  Even the United Nations is hearing about Israeli water technology from Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon.  And for the second consecutive year, Israel’s Desalitech has reached the finals of Global Water Intelligence’s Global Water Award for Breakthrough Water Technology.
The Plague of Darkness
The fog in Egypt was so thick that Pharaoh and his people couldn’t see the hands in front of their faces.  Today, Israel’s threshold for the six most carcinogenic or toxic substances listed in the Clean Air Law are more stringent than European and US standards, making Israel one of the most advanced countries in terms of environmental regulation.  Overseas, meanwhile, Innovation: Africa has connected 104 rural villages in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, DRC and Ethiopia to electricity.  It has brought solar energy to hundreds of thousands of people.  But some Israeli scientists don’t need the sun in order to see.  As with those working for Israel’s Opgal, the inventors of NDTherm and its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solution that uses thermal imaging to see faults in machinery and infrastructure.

Splitting the Sea
It would be interesting to imagine how Israelis today would react to seeing thousands of Egyptian soldiers washed up on the shores of the Sea of Reeds.  First of all, the Israel Defense Forces would set up a functioning field hospital within 12 hours of arriving at the site.  Israel would have likely prevented many from drowning by previously training them in water-safety.  The Egyptians would probably also have been equipped with smartphones containing the unique emergency video app supplied by Israel’s Magen David Adom.  But the most fascinating aspect of this Biblical event is that an Israeli has replicated it in a very small way.  Professor Lilac Amirav of Israel’s Technion, has just developed a nanotechnology and solar energy system to split water into hydrogen and oxygen with 100% efficiency.  Moses would have been proud! 
40 Years in the Wilderness
The Children of Israel’s marathon 40-year journey from Sinai to Jericho would probably nowadays take the 70,000 Jerusalemand Tel Avivmarathon runners just a few days – even without Waze.  With the 3D printers from Israel’s Stratasys, they can even print their own running shoes!  Certainly the 150 Israel startups in the field of Smart Transportation would be able to cut the travelling time even more.  But the fastest time would be achieved in any vehicle using the hydrazine thrusters built by Israel’s Rafael Industries for the Mars landing module of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission which blasted off from Kazahkstan on 14th March. 

And finally
3,500 years after the Hebrews built storehouses for Pharaoh, Israelis are still building in Africa.  Ghana’s State Housing Company has just signed a contract with Israel’s IDM International to build 20,000 housing units. The project will ease the massive housing problems facing Ghanaians.  And it took an Egyptian – journalist Ramy Azizto – to publicly praise Israel’s freedom, in that it has built the only true democracy in the Middle East and is open and accepting of religious and ethnic minorities.
There is nothing that can compare with the plague that finally convinced Pharaoh to release the Hebrews – the killing of the firstborn of Egypt.  But if anyone wonders about the plague of frogs, I left that to the end with this short videothat shows the indispensability of Israeli technology.  It will really make the BDS idiots hopping mad!

Happy Passover!
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All Will Be Revealed

I was prompted into writing my first blog of 2016 by yet another appalling report on the BBC World Service The Science Hour 27/3/16.  Just after the Jewish festival of Purim, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation erased the name of Israel, Jewsand Israeli companiesfrom a program discussing the use of genetics to improve the drought resistance of wheat to feed a hungry world. So I decided to write the following “megillah” to unmask some of the global activities that Israel has been performing to benefit the world in the last three months.
Ruti Alon, co-chairman of this year’s IATI-Biomed Conference, highlighted that Israeli research is present in between 25% and 28% of the world’s successful biotech-based solutions.  E.g. Exelon for Alzheimer’s, Doxil for cancer and Copaxone for Multiple Sclerosis.
In the field of cancer research, the RosettaGX Reveal diagnostic test for thyroid cancer from Israel’s Rosetta Genomics is now approved for use in all 50 US states.  Another recent BBC report obscured the fact that “innovative” US immunotherapy, which cured 27 of 29 “no-hope” leukemiapatients, was developed from the research of Weizmann Institute Professor Zelig Eshhar.
Israel’s MobileODT has the potential to save millions of lives with its smartphone-based cervical cancer detection technology.  Launched only last May it has been used 6000 times in 20 countries.  MobileODT even donated 20 of its Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) cervical cancer screening devices to healthcare providers in Kenya where on World Cancer Day (4th Feb), they were used to screen over 700 Kenyan women.  The device was demonstrated at the Innovation Showcase during the recent AIPAC Conference. 

More than 100 million patients annually require manual ventilation – the largest reason for admission into intensive care.  The Israeli-invented Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask) portable ventilatorhas already treated thousands of people at disasters, such as in the Nepal earthquakes and saved US soldiers in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile,Israel’s Hospitech Respiration has just received US FDA clearance for its AnapnoGuard 100 intubation system. 

Israelis are working on treatments and systems that will have bring relief to hundreds of millions of patients.  Firstly, Israel’s Teva is developing a peptide for the treatment of migraine, that affects 36 million people in the United States and 10% of people worldwide.  Secondly, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are working to freeze organs in order to preserve them for later transplant using ice-binding “antifreeze proteins”that protect frozen cells from expansion damage when they thaw out.  Finally, Israeli startup Intensix is trialing an Intensive Care Unit patient monitoring system that gives an early warning of impending sepsis and organ failure responsible for killing 30% of ICU patients.
Israel’s global impact is evidenced by the World Bank matching top Israeli health technology innovators with interested healthcare providers in India to address the rise in non-communicable chronic diseases there.  In another example, the MASHAV organization of Israel’s Foreign Ministry is shortly to begin training medics from the underdeveloped southwestern regions of China.  And Israeli startup 6over6’s has developed the GlassesOnsmartphone app to help those needing spectacles in developing countries where there is a shortage of opticians and optometrists. 
Humanitarian Aid
Israel21C has produced a map showing the top 83 locations where Israel offers aid to people in need around the world.  And “Israel is only one call away” must be the ultimate video to show that Israel is more than just another country.  Earlier this year we heard that Natan-International Humanitarian Aid (a network of Israeli disaster relief organizations and civil society organizations) is treating migrants in Serbia.  And this video shows the IsraAID rescue team of doctors and nurses, both Arab and Jewish, at work on the Greek island of Lesbos.
Israel has recently provided food and assistance to flood victims in Paraguay, Kenya, and even the United Kingdom (Englandand Scotland).  But the British Broadcasting Clowns seem to have missed that.
Israel also helps citizens of countries that have no diplomatic relations with the Jewish State.  Such as the
2,000 Syrian war wounded who have been treated in Israeli hospitals.  200 or so Israeli volunteers working for the non-profit Il4Syrianshave even been secretly working in Syria to deliver food, medical supplies, sanitation kits, baby powder, survival kits and 3000 protective suits for doctors treating victims of chemical attacks. 
In its latest mission, IsraAIDsent search and rescue teams to Taiwanwhere many were killed or were still missing in the magnitude 6.4 earthquake.   

Recognition of Israeli humanitarian efforts has resulted in the United Nationsawarding official consultative status upon the Israeli emergency response organization ZAKA, which will help it to expand its international search, rescue and recovery missions.  Israel also hosted hundreds of delegates from 30 countries, plus the World Health Organization, at the Fourth Israeli International Conference on Healthcare System, Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters.  Finally, Liberia’s senate president Armah Zolu Jallah, thanked Israel for its help in wiping out the fatal disease Ebola in Liberia.    
Agriculture and Water
Although the BBC is too intoxicated to see it, Israel really is feeding the world, as anyone visiting the Agricultural Research Organization’s Volcani Center, in Beit Dagan near Tel Aviv will testify.  Israel’s NRGenehas assembled more than 80 complete genomes over the past 12 months, which will result in better crops and benefit billions of lives.  Despite its location close to Gaza, Israel’s Phytech has developed crop sensor technology that is used in the biggest farms in the US, Brazil and Australia.
In developing countries, Israeli organizations and companies are teaching desert farming to Nigerians; using cutting-edge seed technology to vastly increase the productivity of Ethiopian farmers and building a huge dairy for South Sudan on the Israeli model already in use in Vietnam, China, the US, Russia and India.  In 2016 Israel is initiating 14 micro-irrigation projects in the Indian state of Haryana, northwest of Delhi. 
In the developed world, Israel’s IDE Technologies has now begun operating at its Carlsbad, California site – the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere.  Israeli organizationsand companies are at the center of California’s plans to stem its droughts and secure the future of its water supply.  Also in California, the 17,000 acre Conaway Ranch in Woodland will be the first US rice grower to use Israeli drip irrigation.  And despite the European Union not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it has engaged Jerusalem’s water company, Hagihon, in its 4-year project to improve governance and social awareness of water environmental challenges.
Social and Environmental
Israelis deserve much praise for their work to improve the prospects of the disadvantaged in the world.   Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital, just held its first-ever Makeathon, for developers of technology projects that have global social benefits – with particular emphasis on the disabled.  Meanwhile, Israeli accelerator A3i is developing ‘ability’ technology to help millions with disabilities.  And Israel’s LivinGift has offering zero-interest loans to social impact enterprises from all sectors, including health, education, animal protection, social impact technologies, environment, and support for disadvantaged populations.
On 29th March 2016 the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel stages a race with a difference. Champions of the Flyway is a bird race for conservation in Israel’s migration hotspot of Eilat.  The 2015 event raised $60,000 to help stop illegal trapping of birds in Cyprus and the 2016 race will help protect birds in Greece.  Finally, please see this recent video of Israel’s unique Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center that is a prime example of Israel’s work to save endangered species.

Many countries are now recognizing Israel as being an essential for their security.  Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has just announced that he has been entrusted by Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan to form an alliance with Israel to rid their countries of the jihadist Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their affiliates.  Millions of Parisians and Belgians used Facebook’s Israeli-developed Safety Check app to let friends and family know they were safe following the recent deadly terror attacks.  And the world is waking up to possible threats from ships reporting a fake identity.  Israel’s Windward tracked 34 such ships last year that left or entered the territorial waters of Libya, Syria and Lebanon.
With $3.3 billion of exports, Israel is the world’s second largest developer of cybersecurity solutions, after the USA.  Cybertech 2016 in Tel Aviv was the second most attended cybersecurity event of the last 12 months.  There are 300 Israeli cybersecurity companies, led by Checkpoint which has a $14.2 billion valuation.  One Israeli cybersecurity specialist CYREN has sensors in 200 countries. In the UK it protects thousands of public WiFi installations and was recently accredited as a “Friendly WiFi” approved provider by the Council for Child Internet Safety.

“Israeli technology is improving the world” said Bill Gates to the 2,000 people attending Microsoft Israel’s “Think Next” event in Tel Aviv.  And even in the last three months the number of Israeli innovations with global impact are just too many to include here in any detail.
          Optimal+, which analyzed over 35 billion semiconductor devices for defects in 2015.
          Exciting activities in Cloud computing by Revello Systems, OwnBackup, and GigaSpaces.
          Developments for the Internet of Things by Seeboand mPrest,
Smart Systems:
          Mobileye has now signed agreements for its self-driving car systems with GM, Nisanand VW.
          Giraffic’s technology is now in one-third of the world’s smart TVs.
          The VUZE camera from HumanEyes and SteamCC’s Ripple Maker won at CES in Las Vegas.
          NanoIsrael 2016 showed the world that Israel is a nanotechnology superpower.
          Pashut Yarok is exporting foam safety surfaces for children’s playgrounds to countries in the EU.
          Tel Aviv’s FoodTech Nation conference showcased Israeli storage and production innovations.
          Yaron Yashinski designed the 55-million-hit Coldplay video “Hymn for the weekend”
Outer Space:
          Helping NASA fly to Mars, Europe to study Venus and satellites to help alleviate global drought.
          AccuBeat’s atomic device to detect signals of life on the mission to Jupiter and Galilean Moons.
          Utilis which detects underground water leaks from satellite images.
          SkyFi, which is building nano-satellitesto provide almost limitless communication across the globe.

If you want to get a glimpse of what Israel has done for the World, simply travel through Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and view the exhibit, between customs and the departure hall, of 60 posters showcasing Israeli developments and discoveries that have influenced the world.  Follow the “Israel Is On It” media campaign by Untold News to raise awareness of the one tiny country whose citizens are curing cancer, making the ocean drinkable, freezing cancer tumors, preventing hospital infections, stopping airport terrorism, and changing all our lives for the better. 
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Israel Opens Doors

The modern Jewish state was established after the world closed its doors to European Jewry.  Today, Israeli innovations are opening doors to millions across the planet who had previously thought that their window of opportunity was firmly shut.
Many sufferers from strokes, dementia, fibromyalgia and burns could be released from their “locked-in” existence now that Israel’s Assaf Harofeh Medical Center has openedthe world’s largest high-pressure oxygen chamber.  It has a capacity for 150 patients per day and can also treat victims of diving accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, radiation damage and bone infections.  Meanwhile, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, scientists have discovered that the visual cortexes of the blind from birth are similar to those of the fully sighted.  It has provided an open opportunity for the blind to be trained to “see” sounds.

Open-minded Israeli doctors have known for some time that there is a genetic link between over eighty autoimmune diseases.  This has opened a new line of research leading to the discovery by scientists at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem that the rheumatoid arthritis medication Baricitinib is effective in the treatment of Alopecia Areata, whose symptoms are hair loss.  And research by Hebrew University of Jerusalem psychologist Professor Ariel Knafo has shown that children who mimic each other’s body language for mere minutes each day are more likely to open-up to others and share feelings of similarity and closeness.  The findings could open the way to new therapies for developing positive social behaviors in disruptive children.
Israel is open to sharing the credit for discoveries that can benefit humanity.  This has led to many joint research agreements between Israeli and international scientists, including recently with the UK’sRoyal Society and also with France’s Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission.  Israel has also opened its doors to Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of India’s Maharashtra state who wants to replicate Israel’s agriculture technology in one of the most populous areas in the world.
Recent news is full of multinational companies wanting to open research and development centers in Israel.  German energy giant RWE AG is opening an Israeli innovation center in order to develop technology for a smart grid metering system that will keep track of how consumers use electricity.  Canadian handset maker Blackberry finally opened up in Israel by buying Israeli device security company WatchDox, whose 100 employees will form the core of Blackberry’s new Israeli R&D team.  And US video production giant Avid Technology’s purchase of Israel’s Orad Hi-Tec and its slick graphic technologies will result in the opening of Avid’s new Israeli R&D facility.

Now that Israel has signed Europe’s “Open Skies” agreement, it has opened up the country to the likes of Europe’s biggest airline Ryanair, which is eager to open up new routes between Tel Aviv and Europe.  The airways are also buzzing with the news that a consortium of top Israeli companies and universities is studying 3D printing technologies that could open up a radical new way of designing and manufacturing aircraft components.
Israel has some beautiful geographic features, including its award-winning beaches, which are now open right through until October.  However, I admit that I was openly surprised to read that the usually anti-Israel UNESCO recently added Israel’s open cave system at Beit Guvrin to its list of World Heritage sites.  Unfortunately, not all openings in the ground are positive, as the recent earthquake in Nepal has proved.  But it again has highlighted the openheartednature of Israel in sending rescuersand humanitarian aid to save human lives wherever and whenever it can.
In Israel, the door of opportunity is open to anyone who has the desire to succeed.  One such example is Ilit Geller, the female CEO of Israel’s TradAir, who operates in the traditionally “man’s world” of Foreign Exchange trading.  And please watch this video of young Aaron Shapso – a Circassian (Sunni Muslim) from the village of Kafr Kama.  Aaron is the captain of the youth soccer team Maccabi Haifa Nahalal, which is open to children of allreligions and ethnic groups.

Finally, Avraham Nagusie epitomizes Israel’s open-door policy. Nagusie was a shepherd in Ethiopia before immigrating to Israel in 1985. He then graduated with degrees in Social work and Law and a PhD in Education. Now at 57, he has opened the door to Israel’s parliament by becoming a lawmaker in Israel’s 20th Knesset. 

Israel – it’s an open miracle. 
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A Healthy and Good News Year

Today I present to you my predictions for Israel’s medical achievements that will take place in the forthcoming new Jewish Year of 5776.  They are reliable predictions, as they mirror actual events that occurred in 5775.  I have only sufficient space here to include detailed evidence for three of these predictions.  Please visit my websiteif you would like to view the remainder.
Here is my summary list of medical predictions in full.  The ones I expand here are highlighted in red.
1. There will be numerous major breakthroughs by Israelis in the search for a cure for cancer.
2. There will be huge Israeli advances in the treatment of brain diseases.
3. New Israeli treatments will be found for diabetes.
4. Israeli innovations and research will give heart to cardiology patients.
5. Israelis will make major discoveries about the immune system and auto-immune diseases.
6. Israelis will find new ways to fight resistant strains of bacteria
7. Israelis will continue to pursue treatments for rare diseases and conditions.
8. Israeli doctors will personally intervene to save the lives and limbs of thousands of non-Israelis.
9. New Israeli medical innovations will improve the lives of disabled people.
10. There will be new Israeli medical treatments for the relief of pain.
11. New Israeli devices and techniques will diagnose disease and injuries earlier and quicker.
12. New Israeli medicines, devices and techniques will save and change lives and give hope to millions.
1.  There will be numerous major breakthroughs by Israelis in the search for a cure for cancer. 
The most promising Israeli news on cancer treatment in 5775 included Weizmann Institute’s triple treatment to stop tumor growth.  Also, the Technion’s use of the body’s natural chemicals to suppress malignant growth and protect healthy cells and its tiny silicon containers that deliver chemotherapy without damaging healthy tissue.  Vaxil Biotherapeutics’ continues to make progress with its anti-cancer vaccine and so are Israel’s Compugenwith its five candidate antibody therapies and cCAM(just bought by Merck) with its CM-24 antibody for many types of cancer.
Further down the road, Israel’s Quiet Therapeutics has developed nano-particlesthat target biomarkers on tumors; an Israeli scientist has documentedwhich of 20,000 genes are targets to kill tumors. Weizmann scientists have discovered a molecule to prevent “cell membrane spam overload” – a trigger for cancer and Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have discovered anti-tumor neutrophils among white blood cells.
Many Israeli treatments target specific cancers, such as the VB-111 ovarian cancer treatment of VBL Therapeutics.  Novocure’s TTFields scalp device slows the growth of brain tumors.  Gamida Cell’s NiCord stem cells treats leukemiasand Hodgkin lymphoma and IceCure Medical is now treating breast cancer with its IceSense3 system.  Finally, Israeli researchers have discovered what causes melanomacells to turn into aggressive tumors and are convinced that it will soon lead to a breakthrough treatment.

7. Israelis will continue to pursue treatments for rare diseases and conditions. 
I have included this prediction in detail, as I want to emphasize that Israeli scientists and companies do not just want to ensure a big financial income from selling treatments for ailments affecting millions of patients.
Last year, advances by Israeli biotechs and scientists included:
          BioBlast’s Cabaletta treatment for oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD) and spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3)
          Advanced Inhalation Therapies’ Nitric Oxide treatment for cystic fibrosis
          Chiasma’s oral treatment Octreotide, for acromegaly
          Protalix Biotherepeutics’ PRX-102 treatment for Fabry’s disease
          Enlivex’s ApoCell treatment to prevent Graft-vs-Host Disease
          Foamix’s Finacea Foam treatment for Rosacea
          Nutrinia’s NTRA-9620 treatment for intestinal failure in preterms
          Tel Aviv University researchers who are solving mysteriesregarding rare genetic diseases

8. Individual Israeli doctors will save the lives and limbs of thousands of non-Israelis.
Israeli medicine is truly giving light to the nations.  In 5776 we will definitely see more from Israel’s skilled and dedicated surgeons who were repairing shattered lives throughout last year. 
Save A Child’s Heart doctors are currentlyworking at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon to fix the hearts of 13 children from Ethiopia, 9 from Zanzibar, 6 from Iraq, 5 from Kenya, one from the Palestinian Authority and one from Gaza.  In May, SACH surgeons repaired a heart deformity in baby Lisa from East Timor – the 50th country to send patients to SACH.  In July, 20 SACH doctors, nurses and technicians repaired the hearts of 10 children in Tanzania and examined hundreds more.  In April, heart surgeons at Hadassah hospital saved Iraqi toddler Maryam, who had previously been given little hope of survival.  The doctors at Hadassah’s “Heart for Peace” organization have also treated hundreds of children with congenital heart diseases from Gaza and the PA territories.
To see two contrasting examples of Israelis treating Palestinian Arabs, doctors at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon helped a 4-year-old girl from Gaza to walk again, while a senior Hamas member had spine surgery at an Israeli hospital.  Israeli doctors certainly have no problem treating patients from Moslem countries – whether travelling to Kyrgyzstan to restore eyesight to 90, or continuing to treat Syrian casualties of their civil war at hospitals in Northern Israel.

Although global natural disasters cannot be predicted, tiny Israel will always be among the first to respond.  It had the largest medical aid team in Nepal after the country’s devastating earthquakes. The 250 Israeli aid workers included IDF medics and doctors from Rambam, Sheba and Sha’are Zedek hospitals.
To finish, Israeli scientists are also being inspired to achieve some “out-of-this-world” medical goals.  They aim to re-write DNA to correct genetic mutations, eliminate all brain diseases, regenerate organs using stem cells, automatically deliver your medications intravenously, and stop the aging process altogether. 
So I can confidently predict that in the coming years,
Israel’s medical achievements will be amazing!
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A Healthy and Good News Year (Part 2)

I have made 12 major predictions regarding major Israeli medical achievements that will happen in the new Jewish Year of 5776.  Three of those predications have been described in detail in Part 1 of this blog.  Part 2 contains the detailed links for my remaining 9 medical predictions.
Here is the summary list of all 12 predictions.  Part 2 predictions are in RED.
1. There will be numerous major breakthroughs by Israelis in the search for a cure for cancer.
2. There will be huge Israeli advances in the treatment of brain diseases.
3. New Israeli treatments will be found for diabetes.
4. Israeli innovations and research will give heart to cardiology patients.
5. Israelis will make major discoveries about the immune system and auto-immune diseases.
6. Israelis will find new ways to fight resistant strains of bacteria
7. Israelis will pursue treatments for rare diseases and conditions.
8. Israeli doctors will personally intervene to save the lives and limbs of thousands of non-Israelis.
9. New Israeli medical innovations will improve the lives of disabled people.
10. There will be new Israeli medical treatments for the relief of pain.
11. New Israeli devices and techniques to diagnose disease and injuries earlier and quicker.
12. New Israeli medicines, devices and techniques will save and change lives and give hope to millions.
2. There will be huge Israeli advances in the treatment of brain diseases. 
In the past year, Israel’s Avraham Pharmaceuticals has been successfully testing its ladostigil treatment that slows the progression to Alzheimer’s; Israel’s Kadimastem had successful pre-clinical trials of its stem-cell treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig’s disease); Israeli biotech Pharma Two B had positive results in its trials of P2B001 for the treatment of early stage Parkinson’sdisease.
More of last year’s Israeli advances in brain disease treatments can be found by clicking on these links.
3. New Israeli treatments will be found for diabetes. 
5775 saw Israeli researchers working to isolate the active ingredient of the Israeli shrub Chiliadenus iphionoides that increases sugar absorption and reduces blood sugar levels; Israel’s TouchéMedical is developing the world’s smallest, cheapest and smartest patch pump, for patients with diabetes; Kadimastem’s stem cells (see above) can also generate pancreatic cells that secrete insulin.
More of last year’s new Israeli treatments for diabetes can be found by clicking on these links.
4. Israeli innovations and research will give heart to cardiology patients. 
Israel’s Eximo has developed a catheter connected to a pulsed laser system, for the treatment of blocked arteries associated with Peripheral Artery Disease;
More of last year’s Israeli cardiology innovations and research can be found by clicking on these links.
5. Israelis will make major discoveries about the immune system and auto-immune diseases. 
Last year’s Israeli immunology-related discoveries can be found by clicking on these links.
6. Israelis will find new ways to fight resistant strains of bacteria. 
Last year’s Israeli work to fight resistant bacteria can be found by clicking on these links.
9. New Israeli medical innovations will improve the lives of disabled people. 
Last year’s Israeli medical innovations for the disabled can be found by clicking on these links.
10. There will be new Israeli medical treatments for the relief of pain. 
Last year’s Israeli medical treatments for the relief of pain can be found by clicking on these links.
11. New Israeli devices and techniques to diagnose disease and injuries earlier and quicker. 
Last year’s new Israeli diagnostic devices can be found by clicking on these links.
The genetic mutation tests of Israel’s Rosetta Genomics to detect lung cancer;
12. New Israeli medicines, devices and techniques will save and change lives and give hope to millions. 
Last year’s Israeli life-changing medical news can be found by clicking on these links.
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