Hi Everyone,

I am Lita Summerfield, and I am heading a new team of volunteers to start up Community Care 2019.

​Many years ago we started  out as the “sisterhood’, but changed the name to Community Care when male members in the community wanted to participate.  We have been in hiatus for a short while due to illness, but want to let you know we are ‘back in action’

Our focus is to offer help and support to all congregants and their families in times of illness and/or difficulty.  We do this in the form of visits at home or in hospital or rest homes, and helping with whatever is needed.  Where we cannot help you ourselves, we can give you assistance in accessing the community service who can, or, by putting them in touch with you.  You may not need help as such, but a card could cheer you up, or someone giving you a phone call.

We also like to recognise your simchas and lifestyle events.  Sometimes we can help with transport when needed for attending these events, and also for funerals, or getting to Beth Shalom on High Holy days and other services.

Our team is very willing and are very able to support your needs, BUT they are not mind readers, and WE cannot help YOU, unless we know that you, or someone in your family, could use some assistance from us, in one form or another, so please let us know.

Likewise with the happy events, let us know so we can share them with you.

Happily, our previous team leader, Lorna Orbell, is still with Community Care, and if you want a phone call or some transport assistance, she is the one to ring on 022 026 2897 or email her at chaim@slingshot .co.nz

Anything else, if you have any queries, or would like to join our team (we are looking for more volunteers) please either ring me on 09 832 3453 or email me at  serendipitylns40@gmail.com

If you are unable to reach me,  (I am going away in the near future for a couple of weeks) please contact the office, and they will put you in touch with one of the team, or ring Lorna.

We urge you not to hesitate to contact us when we can either help you, or share in your happy times.  In this respect and all other aspects, we assure you, we are very mindful of your privacy.

 Lita, Team Leader for Community Care 2019

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