24 March 2020

Dear Beth Shalom Community,

We are living in unprecedented times. While everything is topsy-turvy, our strength is belonging to a wonderful, caring and compassionate community that rallies around to make sure the whole family is safe.

Across the entire Jewish community of Auckland and further afield, there is a

rapidly evolving support network to complement existing services to ensure that resources, organisations and skills can be harnessed to assist the community as best we can – for as long as we can. We are working closely with AHC to take a community-wide approach and make sure everyone can access what they need.

With the announcement by the Government to lift the Coronavirus alert to Level 4, our objective is to ensure that everyone in the community, especially the elderly and people on their own, are not isolated from social contact or accessing food, medicines and medical care.

Therefore, we urge any members of our community who need assistance, whether it be someone to talk to or help with shopping, obtaining medicine or meals, to please contact:

Chris Shiller Community Care/Senior Outreach

[email protected]//phone 09 473 8488 // mobile 0211774934

There are of course a range of services available also and please check covid19.govt.nz for the latest updates


A call for volunteers

We have a small team of volunteers manning our telephone tree and they will be contacting members of the community on a regular basis. We are also calling for volunteers who are prepared to pick up groceries, prescriptions, shopping for supplies that people may need but who are unable to drive themselves. With many people at home from work and study, we urge you to consider those people who might need a helping hand at this time. Please let Chris Shiller know if you are able to help and she will coordinate from there.

The Board would like to thank the leaders of this wonderful community for reaching out and proactively making sure everyone has the opportunity for connection and necessities of life. These are difficult times but together we will be fine


Staying connected

We have been inundated with offers of support of how our community can stay virtually connected during the lockdown. From Australia to the USA and right here in New Zealand, there are a number of online activities taking place. We will pull all the resources together and send them out separately as well as posting details on the website

Stay safe and please support the community if you can

B’Shalom, Alistair

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