Rhonda Albom book
Publishing on April 11 (available now at a special pre-order discount price). As both a local author and photographer, Rhonda shares first hand the best the city has to offer, but you make all decisions. It’s not just a book for visitors, Aucklanders love it too. Each of the local proof readers discovered something new and interesting about Auckland.
Rhonda spent many months walking, tasting, climbing, sailing, watching, discovering, interviewing, and photographing our city. The book is part of the interactive Choose a Way series, which commissions authors around the world, each writing about their own location.
You can pre-order a copy now for only $1.99 (USD) which is more than 70% off the post publication price.
Get the kindle version from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UwqUhx
Or the PDF from Gum: http://gum.co/cawauckland
For more information about the book, check it out at Choose A Way: http://www.chooseaway.com/project/auckland/


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