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October 16, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
Does Your Ashkenazi Family Have a Breast Cancer Story, Too?
By Jane E. Herman
pink fight cancer ribbon framed in a heart shaped by a woman's fingers

I tell my hereditary cancer story again and again, but it never gets old. Its potential to change the trajectory of just one person’s life makes the telling and the retelling critically important – not only during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but all year. Read more »

See also: New Breast Cancer Stats: What’s an Ashkenazi Woman To Do?

News & Blog

Reform Jewish Movement Sends Largest Delegation to Jerusalem for World Zionist Congress

A Conversation with Best-Selling Jewish Author Anita Diamant

Baseball Season as an Inspiration for the New Year

Israel Skyline

Sabbath of Solidarity and a Prayer for Peace
This Shabbat, our Movement is joining other Jewish groups to participate in a Sabbath of Solidarity with Israel. Read more »

See also: Anat Hoffman: Let’s Re-Commit to Peace and Non-Violence

Jewish Practice

How to Affix a Mezuzah and Recite the Blessings

How to Affix a Mezuzah and Recite the Blessings

Weekly Torah Portion

Noach: What Was that Noah Movie About, Anyway?
By Rabbi Edwin C. Goldberg
Noah gets angrier as the movie progresses – a reading that isn’t in the Torah. Read more »

See also: Parashat Noach and Today’s Biblical Floods

Biennial 2015

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URJ Biennial 2015

Ask a Rabbi

On Shabbat, why is the challah covered with a decorative cloth?

Read the answer »

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