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October 30, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
Is Halloween Overwhelming Your Family, Too?
By Rabbi Phyllis Sommer
carving a pumpkin

Halloween seems to have become so much bigger than ever before. The holiday is all about months of build-up, decorations and lights, party after party. In an effort to add some Jewish values to the day and not let it overwhelm my family, here’s my recipe for a low-key Halloween. Read more »

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How to Say the Shabbat Blessings

How to Say the Shabbat Blessings

Weekly Torah Portion

Vayeira: Hearing the Cries of Mothers and Children
By Edwin C. Goldberg
The cries of mothers Hagar and Sarah are well known to God. The question is: Are they heard by us? Read more »

URJ Biennial 2015
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Ask a Rabbi

How do I bring Jewish values into a secular holiday like Halloween?

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