I usually publicize the positive achievements of the Jewish State. This week, however, I want to illustrate that much of Israel’s work also goes into counteracting the negative side of life in the modern world.

Disease prevention is a top priority of Israeli medical research.  Israel’s Avraham Pharmaceuticals has just announced successful interim results in a Phase 2b clinical trial of ladostigil, which prevents patients suffering mild cognitive impairment (MCI) from progressing to the more serious Alzheimer’s disease.  Meanwhile, New Jersey Department of Health has approved the OncoGxSelect diagnostic test for lung cancer developed by Israel’s Rosetta Genomics.  The test can help clinicians prevent the disease spreading by detecting genetic mutations responsible for the tumors.
The recent innovations of two Israeli companies will help prevent heart attacks.  First, Israel’s Eximo has developed a patented hybrid catheter, which is connected to a pulsed laser system, for the treatment of blocked arteriesassociated with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).  Then Israel’s DiACardio has just won the 2015 Shengjing Global Innovation Award in Beijing China, for its revolutionary software to decode echocardiograms. 
The mission of “Eye from Zion” is to prevent permanent blindness.  Volunteer doctors from the Israeli-Jewish organization performed cornea surgery, plastic surgery and removed tumors and cataracts to restore the eyesight of 90 adults and children in the Muslim country of Kyrgyzstan – many patients had been blind for years.  Next, a recent study by the Israeli Health Ministry as to why the incidence of HIV was six times less in Israeli men than those in Netherlands or France, revealed that circumcision prevented the disease from spreading in the heterosexual community.  And if you are concerned about preventing potential development problems in your baby, you may wish to join the on-line community launched by Israel Technion Professor Eli Ben-Sasson and his wife Ayelet. With their CROwd-based INteractive Clustering (CROINC) site, parents can check their child’s progress with other parents and compare against actual scientific and medical facts.

Israelis work globally on the ground, preventing drought, hunger and epidemics.  Israeli water technology is benefiting hundreds of millions in China, Latin America and Africa.  Israel’s TAHAL Group is to construct and operate a water supply system for 131 villages in the Indian state of Karnataka. Israeli experts are speaking at JNF water summits in 10 US cities.  The Philippinesis to use Israeli greenhouse technology to increase food production.  And Israel’s Evogene is developing crops with microbial properties to prevent infestation from insects.  Meanwhile, Israel maybe unable currently to prevent natural disasters, but IDF humanitarian missions have prevented the subsequent loss of thousands of lives in Japan, Haiti, Nepal and the Philippines.

Above the ground, there has been phenomenal recent demand for the C-MUSIC system from Israel’s Elbit, as a countermeasure to prevent terrorist missile attacks launched at civilian and military aircraft.  And further up, in outer space, Israel and the US have signed the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) agreement to prevent satellites and other objects colliding in space and ensure safe spaceflight operations.
One disease that Israel cannot prevent is anti-Semitism, but it can prevent Diaspora Jews suffering its effects, by bringing them home to the Jewish State.  With help from our Christian friends, 108 Jews from war-torn Ukraine just arrived to a warm welcome at Ben-Gurion Airport, to make a new start in the land of their spiritual forefathers.  And children of the on-going massive wave of French immigration were treated to free summer camps in order to prevent problems with childcare during the school holidays.

Finally, Israeli lifeguards, naval police and the Shavei Zion diving club all worked together to prevent a tragedy for a dolphin that had stranded itself on the rocks at Acre (Akko) beach.  Swimmers watched in amazement as the exhausted animal was rescued and then taken for medical treatment by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
Israel – where prevention is as good as a cure.
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