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The Jewish State in its true light.
In the 21st Jun 2015 edition of Israel’s
good news, the highlights include:
Three important stomach-related
medical developments from Israeli scientists.
The Israeli Government’s new
benefits for Israeli Arabs received all-round praise.
Israeli experts helped Georgia
recover animals that escaped in recent floods.
An Israeli company is
cultivating a high-protein vegetable to fight world hunger.
SolarEdge is Israel’s latest
billion-dollar company and more are on the way.
Israel’s Moran Samuel has won
the Paralympic Rowing World Cup.
An early-Hebrew inscription
from the time of King David was found near Bet Shemesh.
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Successful trials for
treatment of gastric infections.
  Israel’s Redhill Biopharma announced positive
top-line results from its Phase III study with RHB-105 for treating
Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infections. RHB-105 achieved 89.4% efficacy in
eradicating H. pylori with no serious adverse events or unexpected safety
Micro-antenna to treat
Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are developing a tiny
antenna that can be inserted into the stomach via an endoscopic tube to detect
and treat early-stage cancers too small to be treated by current methods.  At present, doctors have to wait until the
tumor is large enough to treat.
What you should and should not eat.  Scientists at Israel’s
Weizmann Institute reported the results of their Personalized Nutrition Project
reported here in 2013)
.  They
discovered that bacteria in the stomach of different people reacts differently
to the same food.  Some even lost weight
from ice cream and buttered bread.
for acromegaly.
Israel’s Chiasma has developed the oral treatment Octreotide, for
acromegaly – abnormal growth due to a tumor of the pituitary gland that causes
severe life-threatening health problems. 
Chiasma is also planning an IPO on NASDAQ.
experts at international medical conference.
  (TY Alan) Israeli medical experts From Tel
Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are involved in about a dozen sessions of the 2015
World Congress of the International Society for Posture and Gait Research.  The Israeli company Meditouch is also
digital doctor.
Israel’s Doctome digital doctor platform is part of IBM’s startup
incubator.  It links to IBM’s Watson
supercomputer (see
last week)
and to WhatsApp and is the basis of a fully-functioning
telemedicine service.  https://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/israeli-digital-doc-aiming-to-bring-healthcare-to-your-inbox/2015/06/19/
Empowering women in business. 
(TY Sharon) Over 600 women attended the 6th annual Temech Conference in
Jerusalem.  The Hebrew and English tracks
featured prominent speakers from across Israeli society. Temech’s support for
religious Jewish women in business includes training courses and Jerusalem workspaces.
Rise in tourism from Arab and Moslem
The number of people visiting Israel from Arab countries is
increasing.  14,200 tourists from Jordan,
Egypt and Morocco visited Israel from January to May.  In addition, tourists from Moslem countries
included 13,300 from Turkey, 1,900 from Malaysia and 9,700 from Indonesia.
Major benefits for
Israeli Arabs and Druze.
(TY Evelyn) The far-left
Ha’aretz newspaper called the new initiatives of the Netanyahu government to
benefit Israeli Arabs “praiseworthy” and “revolutionary”.  These address housing shortages and education.  The Israeli Cabinet also approved a $500+
million 5-year plan to develop Druze and Circassian (Moslem) communities. 
Israel’s new annual Arab Book Day.  The first-ever Arab Book Day
was celebrated in a special ceremony at the Israeli parliament.  The ultimate aim of the event was to
underscore the role literature can play in spanning the divide between Jews and
Arabs in Israel.  Israeli Arab MK Issawi
Frej said, “Books build bridges”.
Investment for Nazareth startups.  12 Nazareth-based start-ups
presented their technology to Tel Aviv tech investors in an event designed to
introduce the relatively new start-up ecosystem in the Arab-city to its established
Tel Aviv big brother.  As one of the
entrepreneurs put it, “If they can do it, we can do it too.”
allows 300 Gazans to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque.
  (TY Hazel – from PA news site) An official at
the Palestinian liaison office told Ma'an that 300 Gaza residents were driven
to Jerusalem via the Erez crossing to pray in the Al-Aqsa mosque.  Israel traditionally eases travel
restrictions during Ramadan.
Israeli products in PA shops.  There is no sign of the
Palestinian Authority’s BDS policy in Bethlehem.  During Kay Wilson’s visit, she saw plenty of
Israeli products in the supermarkets. She saw some Arabs driving cars that the
rest of us could only dream of.  Kay’s
Facebook post went viral.
A meeting of Israelis, Sunnis and
Michelle) In the Indian city of Lucknow, Indian Shiite Moslems met with Saudi
Arabian Sunni Moslems and Israeli Jews. 
They discussed religious extremism and the mutual understanding
necessary for solving the many problems in the Middle East.
German company heads to visit Israel.
  100 German industry leaders are to visit
Israel at the end of June.  They include
from SAP SE, BMW, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Merck & Co.,
Inc., Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa.  They
will attend an investors’ conference and meet Israeli innovators and
agro-tech for Goa.
(TY Michelle) Goa has been actively wooing Israel to resurrect its
agriculture since the 2012 Indian election. 
Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Narayan Bandeka met with
Israeli consul general in Mumbai David Akov to discuss crop, post-harvest
technologies and water management.
Israeli vets in Georgia floods rescue.  (TY Hazel) A day after
severe floods sent animals from Georgia’s Tbilisi Zoo to towards city streets,
a team of veterinarians from Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan Safari and Jerusalem’s
Biblical Zoo arrived in the Georgian capital to advise zoo officials and
dispense medicines and anesthetics.
Water-saving tips in California.  (TY Michelle) Israeli water
technology experts went to Sacramento (twinned with Israel’s Ashkelon), to
demonstrate smart ways to secure water from a desert.  These included recycling wastewater, desalination,
detecting leaky pipes and different charging structures for water purity.  US cities Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are
also partnering with Israel for water conservation.  https://www.jewishjournal.com/los_angeles/article/beverly_hills_partners_with_israel_in_water_conservation_solutions  https://www.kcra.com/news/israel-offers-droughtbusting-tips-for-california/33535818
advice for the World Bank.
(TY Michelle) Israel has
signed an agreement to share best practices on water with the World Bank. https://www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-release/2015/06/17/israel-world-bank-group-agreement-innovative-best-practices-water
Record $50 million donation for Technion.  Andrew Viterbi, co-founder
of Qualcomm, announced that he will give $50 million to the Technion-Israel
Institute of Technology – a record gift from an American donor.  Viterbi, a Technion board member, invented an
algorithm to eliminate interference in mobile communications.
France-Israel TransTech Conference.  On Oct 27 2015, the Chamber
of Commerce and Industry Israel-France holds its 6th TRANSTECH Conference
seminar on Technology Transfer, Financial Technology & Clean Technology, to
encourage an international cooperation between Israel, France and the European
Israel’s Wikiwand takes content from a Wiki page and redraws it in a
more aesthetically pleasing format, with extra elements – like a table of
contents, maps, drawings, etc
million gift to Cornell-Technion.
  (TY Michelle) Former NY mayor Michael
Bloomberg has donated $100 million to help pay for construction of the new
Cornell-Technion Institute in New York. 
The first academic building will be named The Bloomberg Center – in
honor of his two daughters, Emma and Georgina.
control if pilot loses consciousness.
  An Israeli-developed smart flight helmet will
detect emergency situations in which pilots are about to lose consciousness,
and take control of the plane in order to prevent disasters.  Tel Aviv’s Lifebeam developed the Cannary
system with sensors measuring the pilot’s vital signs.
scientists discover tiny nearby galaxy.
  (TY NoCamels) A team of scientists from Tel
Aviv University and the University of California have discovered the NGC 5253
dwarf galaxy, containing over a million relatively new stars.  The galaxy was previously hidden by clouds of
dust emitted by the galaxy.
Protein from the smallest vegetable.  Israel’s Hinoman is
cultivating Mankhai – the world’s smallest vegetable.  Mankhai contains 45% protein, is high in
vitamins, low in carbohydrate, fat, sugar and salt and is GMO, gluten and
pesticide free.  Hinoman promotes Mankhai
as a sustainable substitute for meat and seafood.
cuts car repair costs.
  Israel’s Engie is a sensor and app that
diagnoses car engine faults and gets the best repair deals.  The sensor costs $9 and the app already has
30,000 users in Israel.  The US target is
Kong learns from Israeli startups.
(TY Michelle) Israel's
tech sector makes for a great study for Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
recently held a business-matching session when a dozen Israeli tech hopefuls met
with potential Hong Kong collaborators and customers.
SolarEdge is worth
$1.5 billion
. The share price of Israel’s SolarEdge has more than doubled since
its March NASDAQ listing, valuing the company at $1.5 billion.  Revenue grew nearly 18% last quarter.  SolarEdge has just released a new solar
energy storage system for residential buildings and expanded its commercial
More billion-dollar companies on the way.  (TY Nevet www.broaderview.org) "Israel has
produced ten billion dollar unicorn exits over the last two years," says
Jonathan Medved, CEO of OurCrowd. "This pace is about to accelerate.”  Webydo and Meta are the next candidates. And
many more are in the pipeline.
$25 million for WalkMe. 
(TY Michelle) I featured Israel’s WalkMe in a previous (Apr
newsletter.  The user-friendly
app allows website owners to build step-by-step guidebooks for using their
sites.  WalkMe has just raised another
$25 million in an oversubscribed round of funding.
Counter BDS – buy Israeli bonds.  Izzy Tapoohi has been president
& CEO of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds since October
2011. He advocates that in an era of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS), “The
best defense is a good offense”. And investing in Israel’s economy is the
greatest form of offense.
Flying high at Paris Air Show.  11 Israeli companies are
exhibiting products at the Paris Air Show that ends on 21 June.  They include Elbit Systems, Rafael, Israel
Aerospace Industries, UVision, Elta Systems, Aeronautics Ltd and Ashot (part of
Increasing digital performance. 
Israel’s XLMedia has just acquired Israel’s Marmar Media, combining the
two Digital Performance Marketing companies into one. 
is the most-loved sharing app.
  Israeli-developed traffic application Waze is
among the best “sharing” apps, according to a study by research group Arc360, a
division of Israeli app testing firm Applause. 
Waze had over 300,000 reviews and although only fifth overall, the top
four apps only had a few hundred reviews.
photographer wins top UK prize.
  (TY Harold) Israel’s Matan Ben-Cnaan won the
£30,000 top prize in the 2015 BP Portrait Awards, currently on exhibition at
London’s National Portrait Gallery.  His
allegorical portrait “Annabel and Guy” was partly inspired by the biblical
story of the Israelite judge Jephthah.
Zionist’s art exhibition.  Tel Aviv’s Museum of Art
features (until Oct 5) an exhibition of the works of Israeli artist Otte
Wallish (1906 – 1977).  Wallish designed
posters and exhibitions promoting Zionism that culminated in the design of the
ceremony and scroll of the Declaration of Independence. 
of Caesarea treasure.
  Jerusalem’s Israel Museum is exhibiting the
exciting find of over 2,580 solid gold coins that divers retrieved from the sea
bed off the coast of Caesarea in Feb 2015. 
The coins from 9th to 11th Century CE weigh a total of 7.5kg.  Some display the Fatimid Caliph that founded
the Druze religion.
International Falafel Day.  Ben Lang’s initiative of a
day to celebrate the Middle East delicacy falafel began in 2011.  Now for the first time, International Falafel
Day has spread from Israel to the Arab world.
Israel is “Top of the Box”.  Since the success of
“Hatufim”, American studios or other international channels have acquired
virtually every Israeli series (game-show, reality series, drama or
comedy).  Now a new spy thriller “Kfulim”
(False Flag) has won the Public Prize at the French International TV Festival
Series Mania.
Disney series to be made in Jerusalem.
  The Jerusalem Film Fund announced that
several long-term animation projects, including a new Walt Disney Studios
television series, will be based in Jerusalem, starting immediately.  Disney Studios will be working with Israel’s
animation company, Snowball Studios.
dancer wows LA judges.
  Israel’s Asaf Goren used Jewish props in his
audition for “So you think you can dance” in Los Angeles.  All three judges and the audience were most impressed
with his “Hebrew Breaking”, with Madonna’s “Isaac” playing in the
background.  Asaf went straight into the
next round.
Israeli paralympic rower wins gold at World Cup.  Israel’s Moran Samuel won
the gold medal in rowing at the 2015 Paralympic World Rowing Cup in Italy.  She also broke the Israeli record.
IDF behaved too well.  (TY Hazel) The International
Military Group report to the UN stated that, in Gaza, Israel exceeded the
standard laws of armed conflict.  And
another expert, Michael Schmitt, Director of the Stockton Center for the Study
for International Law at the US Naval War College, said “People are going to
start thinking that the United States and other Western democracies should
follow the same examples in different types of conflict. That’s a real risk”.  https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-did-not-commit-war-crimes-in-gaza-says-multi-national-military-group/  https://unitedwithisrael.org/israels-military-accused-of-being-too-careful-to-avoid-civilian-casualties-in-gaza-war/
Ayala celebrates her Bat Mitzvah.  Ayala Shapira, granddaughter
of my shul’s warden, was released from hospital for a week of Bat Mitzvah
celebrations.  Ayala was severely burnt
when Palestinian Arab terrorists through firebombs at her Dad’s car in
December.  Her Bat Mitzvah included a
family visit to Temple Mount.
Art’s blessing.  I mentioned last week that
Art Garfunkel made the Shecheyanu blessing during his Tel Aviv concert.  Here’s the video of it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4n6anHsxTc.
Jewish innovators gather in Jerusalem.
  Some 150 of the Jewish world’s leading
change-makers from 32 countries gathered in Jerusalem for the 2015 ROI (Return
on Investment) Summit.  App developers, journalists,
toy designers, community organizers, and more; all seeking to build a thriving
Jewish future and a better world.
a wrong after 58 years.
  Israel Shrir (now 79) survived the Holocaust and
in 1957 was awarded a citation for excellence in the IDF.  But due to a clerical error, Israel never
received an invitation to the awards ceremony. 
58 years later, President Rivlin presented the citation to Israel, in
the presence of his 13 children.
Rare Biblical inscription discovered.  A rare proto-Hebrew
inscription from the era of King David has been found in Khirbet Qeiyafa, near
Bet Shemesh.  “Eshbaal ben Beda” was
fired on an earthenware pot.  The name
Eshbaal (also that of a son of King Saul) was discontinued later, due to
associations with a heathen god.

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