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October 23, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
Nobody’s Perfect: Challenging Ourselves to See the Sacred in Others
By Rabbi Yair Robinson
Crowd of people

We are quick to judge others, be they nations or individuals. Each of us acts in ways that are unloving and unlovable, and as a result, our relationships – whether longstanding friendships or brief encounters in the checkout line – can be fraught, especially if we expect each other to live up to some unrealistic ideal. Read more »

News & Blog

What Ended Up on the Bible’s Cutting Room Floor?

Nobody Knows the True Meaning of Jewish Tradition

Remembering the First Female Rabbi from Germany

God’s Choice of Abraham Wasn’t Random

Marlee Matlin’s Bat Mitzvah Led to Her Oscar

Israeli Hummus Restaurant Gives Jews and Arabs 50% Off for Eating Together

Jewish-Christian Relations

50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate
From an historical perspective, Pope Francis’ statement that “one cannot be a Christian and an anti-Semite” is cause to celebrate this anniversary. Read more »

Israeli flag

Six Lessons from the World Zionist Congress
The Reform presence is clear and evident to the world community. Read more »

See also: At WZC, Reform Stakes Its Claim in Israel’s Future

Weekly Torah Portion

Lech L’cha: Answers Are Important, But Questions Matter More
By Rabbi Edwin C. Goldberg
The right question is not “Is there a God?” but “Does God care?” Read more »

Food & Recipes
Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka
This twist on a classic recipe starts with baked challah instead of dough. Get the recipe »

Ask a Rabbi

I’ve been given an aliyah at my nephew’s bar mitzvah. How can I prepare?

Read the answer »

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