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September 18, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
On Yom Kippur: Fast, Pray, Browse
By Jane E. Herman
shelves of books

A few passages in the new Reform High Holiday prayer book resonate strongly with me and help me advance my own cheshbon hanefesh (accounting of the soul), a task many Jews take on in the weeks leading up to the High Holidays. Read more »

News & Blog

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Reform Summer Camp Welcomes a Transgender Camper

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Yom Kippur
boy blowing shofar

• Sin and Confession in Judaism

• Practical Ways to Prepare for a Fast

• Prayer for Those Who Cannot Fast

• Find Services Near You

Holiday Videos

Repair and Apology: What Does Judaism Teach Us?

Repair and Apology What Does Judaism Teach Us

Other Holiday Videos:
• Kids Try High Holiday Traditions
• How and Why We Blow the Shofar

Weekly Torah Portion

Vayeilech: Hiding from Ourselves
By Rabbi Audrey R. Korotkin
We must look inside ourselves for failings that keep us hidden from God, and hidden from ourselves. Read more »

Ask a Rabbi

Why do rabbis wear white on Yom Kippur? Should I wear white, too?

Read the answer »

Ask your own question »

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