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In every way, Beth Shalom relies on the support of our members and those in our community. We owe our very existence to those first families who came together and pooled their resources to ensure essential Jewish services would be available to them. That was true sixty years ago and it remains true today. The vote of confidence our members make in Beth Shalom through their support and involvement takes many forms. We encourage you to avail yourself of whichever method of support is most comfortable for you.

Charitable giving is an important part of Jewish life, an obligation we all share. Every gift to Beth Shalom affirms this value for you while enhancing the quality of our programmes for everyone else. Truly make a difference in our community by making a donation. This page makes giving easy, and you can earmark your gift to one of Beth Shalom’s many funds by calling (09 5244139) or writing (

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Just send a cheque to PO Box 26052, Epsom 1344.

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