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July 17, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
Fulfilling Your Passion May Mean Quitting Your Day Job
By David M. Scott

I was living the rat race of a practicing attorney. I hardly saw my family, and after the birth of our second child, I saw them even less. The decision to leave a potentially lucrative field to pursue a Jewish passion was the most difficult and worthwhile decision I ever had to make. Read more »

News & Blog

Standing with Burned African-American Churches

Disabilities Inclusion at Jewish Camp

Kids’ Tough Questions About Judaism

Reform Jewish Whiz Kid Catches Math “Mistake” at Boston Museum

Jewish Teachings I Wish I Had Learned in 8th Grade

Meet Lady Gaga’s Israeli Shoe Designer

Social Action

3 Ways to Stay Green This Summer
Here are a few simple ideas for reducing your carbon footprint. Learn more »

The Iran Deal

Reform Jewish leaders issued a joint statement. Read more »

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Weekly Torah Portion

Matot/Mas’ei: Are We There Yet? The Journey from Egypt to Israel as a Metaphor for Our Lives
By Rabbi Steven Kushner
The times in our lives that feel wrong might very well be precisely what God intends. Read more »

Ask a Rabbi

Is there a ritual that marks the completion of reading one of the books of the Torah?

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