The following bricks have been donated since our last report.  Many thanks to all our generous supporters.

RUTH FILLER….with thanks for her hospitality….Andrie Hart (10).

EZRA SASSOON….for his special birthday….Esther and Arnon Haver (25 ), Trudy Lange (25),  Birgita Muller (25).

RABBI ALON MELTZER….on the occasion of his inauguration as Rabbi of Canberra….Neil Meltzer (Mt Maunganui) (25).

ARNOLD TREISTER….in honour of his 90th birthday….Sonny Beder (25), Valerie Bermel (30), Ronny Bruell and Pam Hayward (25), Joe and Bonnie Burns (45), Jannis Cohen (45), Harry and Margaret Green (25), Kay and Michael Harris (10), Diane and Vernon Levy (36), Stephanie and Dennis Markson (20), Wendy and Clive Ross (20), Patricia Taylor and the staff of Shalom Court (45).

LEON  SHENKEN….”Refuah Shlema for a speedy recovery”….Andrie Hart (10).

BOB NAREV….”Thank you for officiating at the wedding of Lisa Shrimski and Adam Rubner”….Margaret Hannah (100).

JUDI & DAVID HOADLEY….in honour of the Hoadley family….Wendy and Clive Ross (25).

IAN & VICKI ROSS….in honour of their important birthdays….June Halsted and Corrie Logan (36), Wendy and Clive Ross (25).

For more information on donating bricks, on gift certificates or on receipts for tax deductions, please contact Merle Newland, 524 5288, or Suzanne Abel at Shalom Court, 521 7325.

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