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August 21, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
The Great Migration:
Back to School
By Rabbi Micah Lapidus
school bus

The great back-to-school migration is upon us. These thoughts will help inspire the students, parents, teachers, administrators, and everyone who brings our schools to life each year. Read more »

News & Blog

10 Years After Katrina, Struggles and Triumphs for New Orleans Jews

How Iran’s Jews Survive in Mullahs’ World

Experience a Time to Escape on Shabbat

Ambassador Rabbi David Saperstein Op-Ed: The Late Julian Bond Embodied the Black-Jewish Alliance

Reform Movement News
American Flag and Israeli Flag

Reform Movement on Iran Deal
“It is essential that this debate not be allowed to create a lasting rift between Israel and the U.S., between North American Jews and Israelis, or among American Jews.” Read more »

See also: URJ’s Focus Now on ‘Day After’ Iran Deal

Jewish Life
wedding rings

What are the 3 secrets from Jewish tradition that lead to a long, successful marriage? Read more »

See also: Planning the Wedding

Weekly Torah Portion

Shof’tim: It Takes Two, Me and You
By Rabbi Audrey R. Korotkin
When we are seized by anger or a desire for vengeance, we may be out to hurt somebody else without realizing how much we are hurting ourselves. Read more »

Food & Recipes
jar of cucumber pickles

Middle Eastern Cucumber Pickles
It’s easy to brine your own! Get the recipe »

Ask a Rabbi

I see that some people at synagogue wear yarmulkes, while some don’t. I also know that some Jews wear them all the time. Can you explain?

Read the answer »

Ask your own question »

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