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July 31, 2015

Ten Minutes of Torah
The New (Old) Jewish Diet: It’s Not What You Think!
By Tina Wasserman

Do brisket, bagels, and kugel come to mind when you think of Jewish foods? You may be surprised to learn that our people’s culinary history is inextricably connected to what we now associate with the healthy foods of the sunny Mediterranean region. Read more »

News & Blog

Faith Groups React to Boy Scouts’ Vote to Drop Ban on Gay Leaders

The American Jewish Community and Jonathan Pollard

Why All Jews Should Be Environmental Stewards

Getting a Colonoscopy is a Mitzvah – Really!

What Does a Rabbi Do On a Canoe Trip?

NY Times: California Has a Bagel Problem

Social Action
Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath carrying Torah on Civil Rights March

Praying With Our Feet:
America’s Journey for Justice

The Reform Jewish community is joining forces with the NAACP for an historic 860-mile march from Selma, AL to Washington, D.C. Learn more »

See also:  America’s Continuing Journey for Justice: I’ll Be There

Summer Camp

Welcome your campers home with ten great questions to avoid the dreaded “We did fun stuff” answer.Read more »

See also: 5 Questions for Talking with Teens about Their Israel Trip

Weekly Torah Portion

Va-et’chanan: Torah: Rules or Wisdom?
By Rabbi Audrey R. Korotkin
As Reform Jews, we appreciate the inherent flexible and evolutionary nature of halachah, which informs and supports our decisions about our values and practice. Read more »

Food & Recipes
eggplant salad with pine nuts

Eggplant Salad with Pine Nuts
You’ll love this lighter alternative to baba ghanoush! Get the recipe »

Ask a Rabbi

What role have Jews historically played in the civil rights movement?

Read the answer »

Ask your own question »

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