Tree of Life celebrates Beth Shalom’s life events

The tree of life adorns the window of Beth Shalom’s foyer. Its multi-coloured leaves celebrate our important life events – births, deaths, marriages, rabbis, our Hebrew School teachers. Designed by Helen Schamroth, it was erected in 2001 through the efforts of Harvey Livschitz.  Harvey explains the process behind the tree’s construction.

“Coloured glass was cut using a high pressured water process to Helen’s design. Then the leaves were engraved with an inscription, commemorating important events.

“The concept was that no one could buy the base of the tree but the leaves could be bought as a permanent reminder of an important event,” he says.

“Names are inserted in a special leather-bound book.

“Any person connected to Beth Shalom can purchase a leaf at a minimum donation of  $200.00 per leaf.”

Harvey says he has several hundred glass leaves ready to be engraved and installed. The application form link follows.

Tree of Life application form

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