1. The webmaster is a positon held by an appointee(s) of the Board of Management.
  2. Such person(s) is granted the authority to remove any posting on the web site, subject to the Acceptable Usage Policy.
  3. Such person is authorised to set up associated linkages on behalf of the Community (eg payment systems, special security software) and be re-imbursed for reasonable costs; and perform administrative tasks.
  4. In the event that interpersonal conflict arises as a result of a posting, even when such posting is not offensive in any way, the default position shall be removal of the posting.
  5. A registered member of the web site shall be able to post an article in the General Blog only.
  6. Any Member of the Board of Management or the Chairperson of any sub-committee or the Webmaster, shall have the power to authorise a posting of an article in any category or page other than the general blog.
  7. No posting shall be made without the authority in 5 above.
  8. Any article posted must have an interest to the general Progressive Jewish community, and must be Jewish by nature or connection.

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